Terms of Service


(**The balance of fee is to be paid in cash upon arrival)

There is a retainer fee of 50%, which is non-refundable. This fee reserves your event's date and time on our calendar and guarantees our company will be available. 

The retainer fee shall be forfeited should the event be canceled or postponed due to weather conditions or other circumstances. Please have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather. 

Should artist get sick, every effort will be made to find a replacement.  If unable to find a replacement, retainer fee will be refunded. 

Your event is considered booked once we receive fee and signed contract



Our goal is to make your face painting and balloon twisting  experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Here are some guidelines that will allow me to do this.


**I am able to paint between 10-15 faces an hour or 5 minutes per face, depending on complexity of design, and twist about 20-30 balloons per hour. 

**A fee of $5.00 per face will be charged for anything over agreed upon number stated on contract up to 15 minutes over time. After this, a half hour charge will apply. 

**Artist will not paint any part of the body she does not feel comfortable         painting or paint any subject matter she deems offensive or disturbing. 

** Please be aware paints may stain clothing.

1) Although we use FDA complient skin products, some may still be sensitive to the makeup. If your child has sensitive skin, please inform us. A patch test can be performed to test for sensitivity.  Artist is not responsible for allergic reaction to makeup. 

2) Remove face paint by using a mild soap and wash cloth. Never use baby wipes or leave makeup on overnight. 

3) We will not paint anyone that appears sick or is suffering from any of the following: pink eye, cold sore, acne, open sores or head lice.

We can offer an arm or hand design.

4) We will only paint children 3 years of age or older. The face painting manufacturers do not recommend paint for anyone below this age.

5) Only children that are willing to be painted will be painted.

6) Children must be supervised at all times.

7) It is the host’s responsibility to usher children to line to be painted.

8) If for any reason, parents or kids begin to fight or create a violent atmosphere, we reserve the right to cease painting and without a refund, leave event.

9) If event is held outdoors: for the comfort of the face painter as well as the person being painted, please provide an area with shade. If the event has limited shade, please let me know so I can arrange to rent a tent/umbrella. 

If event is indoors: Please provide a well lit area with space for table set-up and chairs.

10) Latex balloons are a choking hazard. Children under the age of 7 should be under constant adult supervision while playing with latex balloons.

11) Balloons don't do well in extreme heat or cold.  Please take into consideration when booking an outdoor event.